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Our Approach

We Provide Personalized Comprehensive Care.

The cornerstone of Care One Hospice care is our well-rounded team approach that addresses the needs of patients and loved ones. We view hospice care from the viewpoint of the patient rather than the disease.  Using a comprehensive, patient-centric approach, we evaluate the patient, the disease, the family situation and any other contributing factors that influence care.

When patients are faced with a life-limiting illness, they have special needs.  We understand that and personalize our care to help meet the needs of our patients and their families during what is a very trying emotional time.

Care One Hospice team develops a customized care plan based on the initial evaluation and assembles an interdisciplinary team of the appropriate professionals ensuring that all the patient’s and family’s needs are addressed. Our caregivers not only address to medical and pharmacological aspects of traditional hospice care, but also attend to spiritual, emotional, cognitive and social issues related to the dying process. Care is coordinated through an interdisciplinary team approach so physicians, home health aides, nurses, social workers, clergy and volunteers work together to ensure all the patient’s and family’s needs are addressed, paying special attention to the patient’s and family’s mental and physical well being.

Living with Dignity and Meaning.

Most people prefer to spend their final days in a private home or other comfortable and familiar setting. Patients now have the opportunity to be free from pain and have family and friends close by. We also provide access to physicians and pharmacists in the home setting and our interdisciplinary team will assist them in planning and coordinating treatment

During each and every visit, our partners work together to ensure consistent, compassionate support.  Our caregivers are committed to providing meaningful, personalized attention at all times and are sensitive to the needs of each unique patient and family.  It is possibly the toughest thing a family can face, but when hospice is involved in the process, you can rest assured it will take on a personal meaning and significance.