When someone you love passes away, grieving is a natural part of your loss – and an important part of healing as you move forward with your life. Yet each person handles grief differently. It’s a very personal journey with no set pathway or length of time. When you or a loved one are being cared for by our Hospice Team, our bereavement services are available to you at any time upon request and as frequently as you desire.

Grieving the death of a loved one is a natural part of healing. Care One Hospice helps those who are grieving understand the grief process and provides support that encourages healthy adjustment to feelings of loss.

Bereavement is the way we process grief. Each of us grieves in our own way, affected by such factors as our culture, gender and circumstances surrounding the loss. Every loss has a unique meaning to us.

Since grief is so stressful, it helps to take good care of yourself. Eating and sleeping well, and getting adequate exercise are essential. Sharing your feelings with a close friend, in a journal, through a support group or with a professional counselor can be very helpful. In addition to the resources found here, your local hospice can provide additional information about bereavement services in your community.

Bereavement services can:

  • Provide an opportunity to talk about the death of a loved one
  • Help you recognize symptoms common in grief (physical, emotional, spiritual and mental)
  • Give an opportunity to be with others who understand what you are going through
  • Help with ways to cope with grief symptoms
  • Bereavement specialists and trained volunteers facilitate groups and family meetings, and provide individual support sessions, home visits and telephone contact as needed. Referrals to additional support resources are made when appropriate