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Family Testimonials


Family Testimonials

Below are some of the many kind words we’ve received from family and friends of our patients. These family testimonials are but a small sampling of letters from the thousands of people Care One Hospice, serves each year. We honor our patients and families by sharing their stories. They remind us every day of the meaning and purpose in our work and that human connection is at the heart of the hospice experience.

O ur family has been so grateful to have Care One Hospice be a part of our lives for the past ten months. The support from the nursing staff, counseling and chaplain services has been invaluable. Hospice is not just about dying. It is really much more about living well to the very end. Being surrounded by such caring, professional people has enabled our family to do just that, live each day to the fullest as a gift from God.

Since family members are usually the caregivers often there is little emotional energy left for “special extras”. The hours that the Care One Hospice volunteers spent listening to his stories were an important validation of his life. It said to him, “We are interested in you. You are a valuable person and we care about you.” What could be more important than to experience such love and care at the end of ones life? Above all, hospice gives dignity and worth to the living person who yes, someday will die. But hospice says to them: “You are valuable until your last breath because you are a unique human being of infinite worth.” May we all be so blessed to know such things and experience them in our lives. Thank you.

Jennifer F.

Our father lived with COPD for years; he had a major setback and never fully recovered. After few months in the hospital, at his Doctor’s suggestion, we called Hospice. Dad told me many times that it was the best decision he ever made. Unless you have experienced it, you cannot fully understand what Hospice will do for you. Having a trained medical staff on call 24-7, daily contact with your Doctor, ordering, delivering and administering medications is only a small part of what they do. The Hospice staff is literally a phone call away when you are scared, depressed or just lonely. My father looked forward to his visits from the Chaplain and Social Workers. His Nurse and Aids became like family to him. Not only were they there for Dad, but always there for the family as well, answering all our questions with total honesty and preparing us the best they could.

Nothing can prepare you for losing a loved one, but with the guidance and support from a group of people who truly care and who have an endless supply of hugs, you know you will get through one of the toughest times of your life. My family cannot thank Care One Hospice enough for taking the burden off of us so we could enjoy the last few months laughing and crying with Dad, reminiscing, visiting with family and friends, and helping us say our goodbyes. We are forever grateful. Thank you God bless all of you.

Jane B.

I would like to express my appreciation to the Care One Hospice for their intervention when we were at a crossroads in our lives that no one is prepared for, the death of a parent. Our hospice nurse arrived at our house to assist us with our mother, whom we knew was at the end of life. We received every detail on how to make Mom comfortable, who to call for equipment, how to administer medications and gave from the heart attention and comfort. Besides the care of Mom, our family received such comfort, especially when the time of Mom’s passing came. Care One Hospice Nurse was the angel that was there to keep us going. I can’t say enough as to what Care One Hospice meant to all of us. Thanks to all of you that were involved from a wonderful organization.

Susan F.


A simple “Thank You” will never be enough for all the kindness and help from Care One Hospice. Our Mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Her wish was to spend her remaining days at home, where she felt more comfortable and could be close to her family. We could take care of mom, but none of us were professionals. The Doctors were the ones who told us to contact Care One Hospice and we all agreed that they could provide the help we needed.

When Mom’s condition continued to get worse, the nurses and caregivers from Hospice made sure she was kept comfortable. They were all Heaven sent. The care and love for their patients cannot be said with words. Not only did they take perfect care of Mom, they also helped with our family’s worries about Mom.

They gave our Mom the best of care until the very last. They made calls even after our Mom’s passing, to give comfort to our grieving family. Our hearts go out to all of them. Thank you so very much.

Carolyn S.

My wife came home from the hospital with a diagnosis of colon cancer. I took care of her with the help of a caregiver for a couple of weeks and I was told there was no more treatment that could help. I hadn’t decided what to do and a friend suggested Hospice. That’s when I called Care One Hospice. The Hospice staff provided excellent care for my wife from the minute they came to our door. She was a Hospice Patient for 2 weeks and the last few days of her life, the staff was there around the clock attending to our every need. They encouraged me to eat and take care of myself so I could help take care of her. I cannot find the words to express my appreciation and high regard for the Hospice program.

John L.

Our family wanted to express deep and heartfelt appreciation for all of the extraordinary care our father received at Care One Hospice. Each person we came in contact with exceeded our expectations in so many special ways. Everyone showed so much compassion; from the receptionist’s responsiveness and kindness answering the phone to the nurturing nurses, nurse aides, case manager, and social workers to the chaplain. I cannot think of anyone, or any other organization, I would have felt more comfortable with in entrusting my dad’s care and enabling him to enjoy his final days surrounded by his family. I apologize for all I have left unnamed, as you were just as instrumental in the awesome care my dad received. Finally, with so many awful events that can occur in life the contrasting experience with Care One Hospice has been like a refreshing spring that renews my spirit upon every reflection. Thank you for the gift and legacy of kindness that continues to live on in my heart.

Helen C.

My father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and as we progressed though the different stages, our mother continued to be my father’s constant caregiver until my brother and I contacted Care One Hospice and found out all they had to offer.

Once we had our initial meeting with the Hospice social workers and nurses, they explained about all the care they could give to my father. After the level of care was determined, a home health aide and a nurse would come to the house and help with his daily routine. All this was done at the family’s convenience, which was a great help to us.

Seeing all the things that Hospice did for my dad and my mother made me realize that I wanted to become a part of the Hospice volunteer team. I want to be able to touch people’s lives the way Hospice touched mine. Something that everyone should realize is that Hospice is there for everyone that has a need no matter what the illness. All you have to do is reach out and let them help.

Michelle N.

Words cannot begin to express our sincere and deepest gratitude for your care of mom. Our first meeting, the materials and attention given to her were incomparable. When it was evident that mom was slipping quickly, your constant care with the nurses and chaplain was far beyond what we could have expected or hoped for. Your staff was right there walking us through the last hours, helping us know what to expect. The last few minutes of mom’s life were bittersweet and ones we shall never forget. Again, the staff gave us private time, treated mom with complete dignity that honored her and our family. I mentioned that day and night that we could not have walked through this without your compassionate and professional team. Right to the last minute, you were informing us of the medications she was being given and handled her so tenderly. We have expressed to many people that you are all “angels in disguise”. Theologically, I know that is not likely, but no one could be any closer to angels in these difficult times than Care One Hospice.

Kristina R.