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Levels of Hospice Care


Most patients begin with routine home care. Usually, a family member provides day-to-day care. Care One Hospice provides the equipment; medications and information that caregivers need to fulfill their duties.

  • Routine Care.

    Our Registered Nurses make regular home visits to assist with pain and symptom management, and our Certified Nursing Assistants, social workers and other team members visit as needed. Nurses are also available anytime by phone to help patients and caregivers through a crisis.For in-home patients who require skilled nursing care to control their pain and other symptoms. Our Registered Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants stay with the patient for longer periods of time, day or night, as needed.

  • Respite Care.

    Even the most committed caregivers occasionally needs a break. Care One Hospice can offer them a break through respite care, which is often offered in up to 5-day periods. During this time patients will be cared for a short period of time either in a hospital setting, hospice facility or in beds that are set aside for this in nursing homes. Families can plan a mini-vacation, go to special events, or simply get much-needed rest at home while you are cared for in an inpatient setting.

  • In-patient Care.

    Some patients require more involved care that can be offered in a home setting. Care One Hospice also supports those who are hospitalized or in a extended-care facility. The hospice can arrange for inpatient care and will stay involved in patients’ care and with their families. Patients can go back to in-home care when they and their families are ready.

  • Continuous Care

    Sometimes a patient has a medical crisis that needs close medical attention. When this happens, we offer short-term care that is available in patient’s home when symptoms cannot be managed by the usual caregivers.  The hospice provider determines when such care is needed and for how long. Depending on the needs of the patient, he or she might remain at home with our team members providing round-the-clock care or be hospitalized for pain or symptom management following in-home crisis care. When the crisis is over, the patient returns to routine home care.

The interdisciplinary team coordinates and supervises all care 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. This team is responsible for making sure that all involved services share information. This may include the inpatient facility, the home care agency, the doctor, and other community professionals, such as pharmacists, clergy, and funeral directors. You and your caregivers are encouraged to contact your hospice team if you are having a problem, any time of the day or night. There is always someone on call to help you with whatever may arise. Hospice care assures you and your family that you are not alone and help can be reached at any time.